5 Advantages of Ski-in Ski-out Hotel Accommodations

A lot of planning needs to take place when booking a ski vacation. Not only will you have to decide where to go while considering your budget, you’ll want to align the slopes with your skiing style and abilities. Will you drive to the hill or will you have to fly? Should you bring your own gear or will it be easier to rent? The decisions may seem endless, but in this article we’ll put forth the argument that no matter your gear choice or physical capabilities there are at least 5 great advantages to booking ski-in ski-out hotel accommodations.

#1 – Be The First On The Hill

The beauty of a ski-in ski-out hotel room is that the hill is literally outside your door. And because of this, if you make the slightest effort, you can easily be the first person on the hill. You won’t have to wake up hours before the sun rises to make it to the hill for opening time. You won’t be sitting in your idling car waiting for your friend to find their goggles nor will you be at the mercy of hazardous road conditions, slow moving traffic or full shuttle buses. You can simply slip on your boots, jump into your bindings and hit the hill.

#2 – Keep Well Rested

Skiing while tired isn’t only unpleasant, it’s downright dangerous. By booking a ski-in ski-out room you won’t have to get out of bed at an unreasonable hour just to make full use of the day. Nor will you have to force yourself to stay awake for the drive back after an exhausting afternoon. By booking ski-in ski-out accommodations you can maximize your sleeping time, minimize your transport time and leave it all out on the slopes.

#3 – Enjoy The Apres Ski Activities

Of course it’s always nice to enjoy an adult beverage or few after a day on the hill. But if you have to drive yourself off the mountain you’ll be sipping soft drinks rather than cold craft beers. Having a ski-in-ski-out room allows you to take part in all the activities associated with a day on the slopes and won’t leave you feeling left out when it comes to the apres ski action.

#4 – Remain Unaffected By Road Conditions

Anyone who has to consistently drive to their local ski hill knows the best conditions for skiing are some of the worst for the roads. With ski-in ski-out hotel accommodations, even if most cars can’t make it to the hill, you’ll still be able to enjoy the powder without the white knuckle drive to get there. An added bonus to car crippling weather is that you’ll end up with the whole hill all to yourselves!

#5 – Relax In Comfort

When it’s time for a break in the middle of the day, ski chalets or the front seat of your car aren’t the most peaceful and relaxing places. Avoid the chattering crowds or the chill of your vehicle and simply go back to your hotel room where you can take off your boots, make yourself a hot drink and relax in comfort.

The Josie: A Noble House Hotel

The Josie is the first ski-in ski-out boutique hotel built in Canada in over a decade. Located at the base of Red Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia, we allow you to increase your time on the slopes while reducing the inconveniences associated with travel to and from the hill. Get in touch with us today to book your ski holiday.